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A team of technical specialists, 2Excel geospatial specialises in crafting unique solutions to complex remote sensing problems. Find out more about who we are, what we do or get in touch to see exactly how we can help your business.

Remote Sensing Solutions

Customised and operational remote sensing solutions targeted at solving specific and challenging problems.

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Hyperspectral Imagery

High resolution, narrow band hyperspectral solutions from visible to infrared wavelengths.

Field Data Collection

Collection of ground based data as a standalone solution or to support remote sensing projects.

Photogrammetric Surveys

High resolution RGB imagery enhanced by digital elevation models.

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Tree Species Detection

“Advanced machine learning enables tree species identification over large areas”

Detection of Disease in Wheat

“Significant benefits over NDVI for pre-T1 detection of disease”

Tree Disease Detection

“Detection and mapping of ash die back”

Oil Spill Detection

“Mapping and characterisation of surface slicks”

Detecting Weeds in Wheat

“Density mapping of black grass from T0 to support management decisions”

Landscape Management

“Integration of advanced vegetative classification and geospatial layers”

2Excel’s added value comes from their staff who are helpful and friendly which is essential when trying to get the most out of your remote sensing data.

Dr. Rob Jackson, NIAB

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